Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A side note - Happy Birthday Milo!!

In case you all haven't noticed the incredibly photogenic doggy that has appeared in a couple photos recently, you may want to take another look. What a perfect dog for a photographer to own! hehe I do love all my Chi's - they are like children to us. They are each so unique in their own way. Being as today is Milo's 1st birthday I thought I would give him his own post.

My favorite thing about Milo, after the fact he is the most patient, protective & willing to do ANYTHING with my daughters of course, is that he is so darn photogenic. The slight sound of the "T" word & that little head just a cocks over to the side. Heck, I can be sitting here talking to him about anything & he'll cock his head as he listens so intentively. I'd love to know what is going on inside of that noggin of his but I guess I'll just have to settle for guessing while looking at his always so expressive self.

Here he is the day we brought him home at 18 weeks. The first picture I took....the perfect poser from the get go. Can you believe this sweet little guy spent his first couple days here completely attacking our first little girl, who is 2 weeks younger than he? We almost took him back to the breeders but decided to stick it out for a bit...thank goodness we did. :o)

And Milo now, at 1 year old - our 8.7lb Chi. just 1 pound bigger than when we brought him home (he was a chunker when we first got him!) but he's turned into such a handsome little fella.

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