Monday, January 26, 2009

365 ~ Day 1 ~ Valentines......

WOW, what a busy week it has been! Between work, watching my nephew, teaching preschool (and taking/editing photos from there as well), cheering competitions & housework/sleep catch up this week has been jam packed! I'm SO glad to be back to a somewhat normal routine and with that **gulp** my best friend, I think, has talked me into doing a 365 day photo taking frenzy! I been watching different photogs doing this for a couple years now - mostly commit to at least 1 picture a week but I think I'll take the pluge & try to do 1 a day like she is. Should be a great challenge - great as in big. LOL Whethere I can do it every day we'll see but I will try. :o)

So with that, my youngest was home from school today with what we initially thought was a tummy bug. Luckily it just happened to be some dinner that didn't settle well so being as this afternoon she felt pretty good we worked on her Valentines. It's not often we're ahead of the game but this year I'd say we're right on the ball! I can't show the finished product because well - that would just spoil it for those who may be getting one so you'll just have to take a peek at a few pictures of the process itself.

Such a pretty girl.


  1. Oh cool! I look forward to seeing your pictures everyday! I should post mine. Its of my freshy bathed cat who is really ticked at me LOL.

  2. LOVE her face!! Omgosh, I needed that!! What a doll!!