Saturday, January 10, 2009


I've showed a few peeks of my fur babies here & there through out my blog but I thought it was time my Chi babies got a post of their own. We've accumulated these 4 dogs in the past year alone - our family is absolutely smitten by their unique personalities & uncondition love & attention. They have been in front of the camera since day one of living here so they are pretty cooperative in front of the camera as long as their are plenty of treats & toys around. They allow me to practice the pet part of my photography on a regular basis. Thanks for taking the time to look at our "other" kids & reading a bit about them if you'd like. :o)

This was our first little girl we picked up last February. The one who created our em, obsession if you could say with these little critters. Matilda (now 1) is bold, overly loving (kissing anyone?!) the best snuggler anyone could ever have. But yet, to a stranger she is curious and suspicious all in one.

Milo was our second Chi who we decided to get as a playmate for Matilda. He is a bit older than she but is our most patient & loving toward our human kids. They're always lugging him around like he's a baby, dressing him up & snuggling with him.

Maxwell (who is 10 months old) was one of those faces that I couldn't stop looking at. The little heart on his head made him impossible to resist & his little Mama's boy personality lives up to what I thought he would become. ;o)

Lastly, our newest little Chi Maribelle (AKA Mari) who is currently 13 weeks old. At that point we were thinking "what's one more?!". LOL We had basically one of every color Chi - we needed a little chocolate to add. :oP She's our only long coat Chihuahua and lives up to her "originality" in the pack in more ways than one. She's the most active Chi in our clan but again, is really very sweet, smart & so far, is showing to be the most outgoing around strangers though she is shy of other animals. I'm excited to see what her mature years bring & if she continues to dominate the rest of the Chi's even though she is expected to be the smallest (between 4-4.5lbs).

Group Shot-

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