Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Love my Light...

I've had my light packed away since before Christmas (for those that know me know it is always left up & ready to use!) & decided to set it back up yesterday afternoon. I love natural lighting but my light is not only a bit more predictable but can also be quite versatile depending on the look of lighting you're after.

I also used my typically white background & made it gray (if you're familiar with high key set up you know how far too easy it is accomplish that :oP). The results were exactly what I was looking for - lots of depth & just the right size catchlights (per my taste anyway).

And this can't go with out saying - my oldest turned 11 on the first of the year. I can't believe how grown up she is getting. I'm so proud of my gorgeous girl!


  1. Heather...I've missed ya!!

    11?? OMGosh! No way! She is so pretty..and I LOVE her glasses!

  2. She IS beautiful!! Wow! How fast they grow up! Just gorgeous!

  3. Nice catchlights and love the bandana!

  4. These are great and I love her glasses!!!