Tuesday, February 3, 2009

365 ~ Day 5 ~ Hat

Yes, yes - I shared once today but a weekend of work & sick kids kept me from doing much shooting so I thought I'd play catch up a bit...

I love hats. Well, I love anything that "accents" a photo. So when you read in my info packet to bring any sort of hat, scarf, toy, etc to add into a session please don't hesitate! Not only does it keep my job entertaining (not that I mind using my stash of things as well) but it also adds to the custom look of your keepsakes. So here is a snap of my youngest sporting one of the few hats she recieved for Christmas this year - my fav I might add. :o)


  1. Simply beautiful! I LOVE the angle of this shot!!

  2. That is a beautiful hat. Love the colors on your DD. :)