Sunday, August 26, 2007

Last Week of Vacation....See Ya Soon Sissy

As we prepare for the upcoming school year I found myself realizing how strangely quick this summer has really gone. So many memories came from it but yet it doesn't seem possible that all those memories came from 2 1/2 short months. I was so happy to spend a lot of the summer with my one & only sis. I've always thought the world of her but having different moms & being 10 years older we have never really had a lot of time to hang out & find that real "sisterly bond" (if I can be so corny :o). This summer though, I think we did. Not to mention she's the bestest Auntie any 2 girls could ever have! (who else is there to dance in store isles & go fishing for Healy Wheels with?) She's leaving RP tomorrow morning for the real world & will be greatly missed by everyone here in our little village. She's only going to be a few short hours away - and email & the telephone are only a reach away. No doubt though, the first school vacation is already being looked forward to! A special, smart, fun and STRONG woman she is - GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN SIS!! XOXOXOXO.....

Auntie S & the Girls

Tattoo Buddies 4eva! :o)

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  1. Your sister is soooo pretty. Love all the tattoo shots!!!!