Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Bunnies & Rosie Tee

Seeing as this week was supposed to be crazy busy we decided to skp the Windsor Fair this year. That is, until we saw our friend bring home the cutest 2 bunny rabbits from their visit! Finally, I got hubby to agree to a rabbit - one rabbit. Yep, one for the girls and one for me! ;o) I think he sort of expected it because when I said to him on the telephone "you're going to be mad at me" he immediately replied "you got two, didn't you?". Ahhhh, he knows me all too well.... So the girls have been having so much fun with these bunnies the past couple days, taking them outside on the harness, playing with them in the living room, etc. I'm honestly wondering what on earth took us so long to get these sweet little things!

So I've been frequenting Rosie O'Donnells blog for a few months (went there out of pure curiosity but she's got some really interesting links there regarding 911 if your up for the reading). Anyway, I came across these PEACE Tee's and went ahead & bought one & noticed HEY, she's asking people to submit photos of people wearing their PEACE Tee's - right up my alley! :o) So with that idea in mind & the fact Ivy's not been too interested in me taking "posed" photos as usual, I agreed to let her do some with Liley bunny. Perfect paired with a suttle "hand tinting" action...

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